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INFO: Electric pressure cleaners are made up of two components; the motor and the pump.  The motor powers the pump which in turn builds water pressure and releases the water at the tip of the gun wand.  Tips come in different colors to distinguish the fan it sprays.  A red tip sprays a 0' degree stream of water.  A yellow tip sprays a 15' degree fan and a green tip sprays a 25' degree fan.  While a white tip sprays a 40' degree fan and the black tip is a soap/chemical tip.  Tip size varies according to the water pressure and gallons per minute a machine delivers.  Using the incorrect tip can reduce performance or overload a pump and cause damage.  Pressure cleaners should not be used without sufficient water supply.  The contractor must always be aware of the serious danger of skin injection by water pressure.  Electric pressure washers generally last longer, are more economical to maintain and are more reliable than gas pressure washers.  Best suited for stationary applications such as a car wash or restaurant.  Pressure washing is the best way to clean walls, driveways, roofs, decks, floors, cars, garbage dumpsters, restaurant kitchens, boats and trucks.  At Ace Spray we offer pressure washer rentals and factory authorized repairs since 1980.